Electron.NET – Create a minimal MusicPlayer App with ASP.NET Core 2 for the Desktop

Actually, this blog is addressed to Cross-Platform development with JavaScript. But this time, I have a very special treat for you: Electron.NET! A new open source project which I developed in cooperation with my Microsoft MVP colleague and friend Robert Muehsig.

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Interview with webpack founder Tobias Koppers

Tobias Koppers is a freelance software developer and consultant from Nuremberg. He became famous as author of webpack, which is used by millions of developers worldwide. His focus is on JavaScript development and open source projects. I had him in an exclusive interview, which I would not want to keep away from you. Have fun while reading it.

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JavaScript Coding Dojo: The DictionaryReplacer Kata

A dojo is the exercise room of Japanese martial arts. The exercises itself are called kata. The coding dojo is about mastering an exercise (kata). According to the motto “Learning by doing”. The cross-platform blog will now regularly publish JavaScript Katas.

The DictionaryReplacer Kata

This kata is about making a simple string replacer. It is inspired by Corey Haines Lightning talk about practicing. Create a method that takes a string and a dictionary, and replaces every key in the dictionary pre and suffixed with a dollar sign, with the corresponding value from the Dictionary.

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Node.js: A REST Web-API with Express.js and TypeScript

There is one Web-Application Framework, which has been strongly enforced with Node.js: Express.js. It has been inspired by the Sinatra-Framework, known of the Ruby world. It extends the Node.js Build-In modul http, so developing a modern web-app will be simplified:

  • Comparable to the Microsoft Web-API (just better :))
  • Communication with REST (HTTP) is norm
  • Request/Response-Handling
  • Routing
  • View Templating
  • Session Support
  • Static Files Support
  • Middleware
    • e.g. functions, which are able to log between request and response (Logger etc.)
  • and many more…
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Visual Studio Code: Node.js with TypeScript and Debugging

Visual Studio Code is a free code editor of Microsoft with an excellent TypeScript and Node.js development support. This blog post describes how easy it is to create a new Node.js project with TypeScript support. And at the end, we will also debug a small “Hello World” example.

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Welcome, beautiful new world…
Image source: Phil Dolby

…which I get to know for more than 3 years with JavaScript. After more than 10 years as a .NET expert, it was definitely not an easy step to change my focus. I started as a developer in the business by using PHP. Back then, JavaScript was just a means to an end. I was glad, the lesser I had to use it.

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